Starcartage's contributions towards society

Kemaman Flood Relief

PPM team was lead by Sec General Mr. Amarjit Singh , Selangor Chairman Sarban Singh and Pahang Chairman Daljit Singh drove ten hours to Kemaman to deliver goods for flood victims at the Kemaman Relief centre.

PPM donated the following items :
10 units of water jets,
400 liters of industrial shampoo,
100 units of multipurpose brooms and mops,
16 units of rubbers hoses which are 80 feet each,
water pail and diapers for adults.

PPM President Gurjeet Singh Rhande hopes there are no natural disasters this year so that PPM can concentrate on the many charity and community projects that PPM has lined up this year for the betterment of the Sikhs.


Category: Humanitarian

Date: 1st January 2015

Project: Flood Relief

Place: Kemaman