We design value into profit by providing total logistics solutions

Trust our vision!

When it comes to selecting a company to transport your goods, you don’t want to trust just anyone. Finding a company who has specialized freight services is hard to come by, but at Starcartage, we have it down to a science. With land transport, GPS tracking and telematics, and insurance to cover any potential damages, your cargo is safe in our hands.

We never promise more than we can deliver. We won’t over-schedule, or kick a customer off the schedule because something better came along. That’s just not how we were raised to do business.

WE PROVIDE SERVICESthat stand out for their quality


We ensure that your products reach their destination in a cost-efficient way, on time and in an undamaged state.


We provide  storage and distribution processes that help to optimise your supply chain and reduce your logistics costs.


All your products are covered by insurance from the pick-up to drop-off points.

Mobile Workshop

Our mobile workshops make sure that there is very minimal breakdown times, if it ever happens during transition of goods.

Land Leasing

We provide land on lease for heavy vehicles and machinery parking with tight and efficient security.

General Labour

Legitimate manpower services are also part of our expertise should you have the need for it.


we design value into profit

our customers are always happy!